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Migrating a business from a traditional on-premise setup to the cloud poses significant challenges in the modern IT landscape. These hurdles encompass user adoption, downtime mitigation, cost considerations, and the assurance of reliability.

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The Challenge

As hardware nears the end of its lifecycle, the need for businesses to transition to the cloud becomes increasingly evident. Such a move can yield numerous benefits, including cost savings and enhanced reliability.

However, the primary challenge lies in businesses’ lack of understanding of the cloud’s end product and the migration process. Many prefer having on-site hardware as an asset but are reluctant to shoulder the ongoing maintenance costs.

Moreover, transitioning to the cloud often necessitates adapting to new systems for end users, which can unsettle their daily routines. Thus, the challenge lies in minimising this apprehension and ensuring a smooth transition to maintain customer satisfaction.

Project Results

In this scenario, we successfully transitioned a local business from using on-premise mail services, file services, and other server-based solutions to a fully cloud-based setup. When faced with the decision to renew their servers, the customer recognised the financial benefits of migrating to the cloud rather than investing in new hardware.

We migrated all their domain services to Microsoft 365, utilised platforms like Intune for network services, moved files to SharePoint, and transitioned emails to the Office 365 platform. Despite the magnitude of the project, we managed to minimise downtime to only occurring during off-hours. Additionally, we conducted user training sessions on the new services, which required only a few hours onsite.

Following the project’s completion, a thorough assessment revealed remarkable outcomes. The customer realised savings of over 30% compared to their projected IT expenditure over a five-year period with on-premise hardware reaching end-of-life. Furthermore, the cloud-based services provided increased accessibility, enabling employees to work from anywhere with an internet connection.

The project was delivered well within budget and a timescale of less than 2 weeks.

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