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We recently led a project where we took a business from minimal security to Cyber Essentials Plus certification. Our systematic approach fortified their systems against prevalent threats and securing their certification. Trust us to enhance your security and attain Cyber Essentials Plus certification for your business.

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It has become increasingly evident that Cyber Essentials is emerging as one of the most sought-after certifications among businesses of all sizes, showcasing their commitment to modern cybersecurity standards and data protection. Demonstrating an evolving stance in the cyber realm and proactively safeguarding against potential attacks and breaches are becoming imperative for companies.

A recent scenario exemplifies this necessity, wherein a client faced an ultimatum when pursuing a sensitive government contract. To secure the contract, Cyber Essentials certification became a mandatory requirement. Internally, discussions revealed that investing in this certification not only proved financially beneficial but also enhanced the company’s reputation as a proactive entity in combating cybercrime. This not only instills confidence in existing clients but also unlocks avenues for new opportunities.

In a swift turnaround, we guided the company from having minimal protection to achieving full Cyber Essentials qualification within a few months. Such a process can be expedited further depending on the urgency of the requirements. Now equipped with this certification, the company can rest assured that its systems have been fortified against prevalent vulnerabilities and attacks in today’s cyber landscape.

What is Cyber Essentials?

Cyber Essentials, a government-backed initiative, serves as a protective shield for organisations irrespective of their size or location. This scheme is designed to thwart a range of attacks and offers baseline protection against prevalent threats in today’s digital landscape.

Regular Cyber Essentials

The baseline iteration of Cyber Essentials fortifies your business against potential threats, rendering it less susceptible to malicious actors. By completing the checklist of prescribed measures, your business gains coverage against commonly exploited vulnerabilities, reducing the likelihood of being targeted. Certification under this scheme provides reassurance that your defences are robust enough to withstand a variety of attacks, while also highlighting fundamental approaches to cybercrime prevention.

Cyber Essentials Plus

Cyber Essentials Plus, while similarly accessible to the initial assessment, entails a professional technical evaluation of your business to assess it against prevalent vulnerabilities and attack vectors. This rigorous testing demonstrates to stakeholders that your systems have undergone thorough examination and validation, signalling proactive measures against cybercrime. Such diligence diminishes the attractiveness of your organisation as a target for cyberattacks.

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