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IT Support in Manchester

Learn about how we support Greater Manchester and surrounding areas.

IT Services in Greater Manchester

With engineers strategically located in and around Manchester, we emerge as the clear choice for your business support needs. Our operations frequently extend throughout Manchester and its surrounding counties, providing comprehensive assistance to businesses across various sectors. Given our extensive local expertise, we are adept at understanding and fulfilling the unique requirements of businesses in the area.

Manchester, with its rapidly evolving city centre and bustling surroundings, serves as a vibrant hub for both global enterprises and small-scale ventures. We value and comprehend the diverse use cases prevalent among businesses in and around the city, ensuring tailored support for each client.

Low Costs

We understand that businesses have varying needs and budgets for IT services. Our customised plans are designed to fit your budget perfectly, so you never have to overpay. We're here to support local businesses with tailored solutions that meet your specific requirements without breaking the bank.

Friendly People

We strongly emphasize the significance of having a friendly and knowledgeable team backing your IT services to support your business effectively. Building strong relationships with our customers is a fundamental part of our ethos, and we maintain a professional approach while fostering these connections.

Local Support

As we have a lot of experience in Manchester, we have an intimate understanding of the area and community, enabling exceptional service delivery. In critical incidents, we swiftly mobilise and provide on-site support within hours to restore operations and ensure smooth business continuity to minimise downtime in critical situations.

Bulletproof Systems

At Binary, we prioritise what's essential for your business. While some may think that IT matters less for smaller companies, we believe otherwise. We're committed to delivering modern, robust, and effective solutions for businesses of all sizes. Let us handle your IT needs and you can focus on running your business.

Complete packages tailored to you and your business

Rest assured, whether your business is large or small, we have a package that can be customised to suit your needs. With our expertise, we’ll guide you on the best technical solutions for your requirements. Say goodbye to overpaying for underwhelming services and let us start gathering your needs today.

Why we're the best

We’re confident that we are the top choice for support services
within the Manchester area, here’s why.

6,000+ Issues resolved last year

In the past year, we successfully addressed more than 6,000 reported tickets, providing us with a broad knowledge base covering various topics and issues.

No phone menus

Don't settle for long wait times on the phone anymore. When you call Binary, you'll be immediately connected to one of our expert engineers ready to assist you.

90% of issues resolved on the first call

Most reported issues are resolved during the initial call. Say goodbye to logging tickets and waiting around – get your problem resolved instantly.

30 Minute first response SLA

We recognise the detrimental impact of long wait times on productivity. Our SLA ensures a first response within 30 minutes for all levels of issues, ensuring you never get left waiting.

Expedited hardware replacements

Hardware malfunctions on servers and switches can severely affect your business's uptime. We can guarantee next-business-day replacements for most hardware, minimising disruptions to your operations.

Out of hours maintenance

We schedule after-hours maintenance for critical hardware, minimising disruptions to your business while keeping systems online and up to date.

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