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SaaS Protection

Backup your Office 365 today with our industry leading SaaS protection service.

Why does your business need
Office 365 Saas Protection

Office 365 is the most popular email platform in the world and often the powerhouse behind every business, making sure that your emails, calendars and SharePoint files are backed up is essential for in the event of a disaster or mistakes with emails.

  • Unlimited retention for your data
  • Dont worry about loosing emails or customer data
  • Fully compliant with EU GDPR laws
  • Incredibly cost effective

Regular Backups

Every morning, comprehensive backups of your Office 365 data are diligently executed, ensuring that you consistently maintain accessible copies of your information, thereby enabling seamless retrieval whenever necessary.

Reliable Support

Rest assured, our SaaS product is supported by a talented team of engineers focused on seamless operation and safeguarding against data loss or disruptions. We handle all configurations to ensure a smooth experience for you.

Easy Restorations

In case of lost files, Binary ensures effortless restoration of your Office 365 data. You can access your personalised portal for manual restoration or entrust our expert team for a hassle-free experience in retrieving lost data for your business.

Unlimited Retention

If your business demands it, we provide plans with unlimited retention, ensuring you can retrieve lost data from backups no matter how far back you need to go. All backup data is securely stored in the cloud, granting you constant access.

Why do you need SaaS protection?

One common inquiry we receive is: why invest in SaaS protection when Office 365 is already cloud-based? The significance of this product for your business lies in its provision of continuity and protection against human errors.

Rest assured, if anyone from your business accidentally deletes or misplaces emails, you’re fully covered. Additionally, in the event of Office 365 downtime, you can seamlessly emulate and send emails from the cloud, ensuring your email services remain resilient and dependable.

SaaS Protection
(1 Year Retention)



Per User / Per Month

(ex VAT)
  • 1 Year Data Retention
  • Unlimited Restores
  • Unlimited Support

Saas Protection
(Unlimited Retention)



Per User / Per Month

(ex VAT)
  • Unlimited Data Retention
  • Unlimited Restores
  • Unlimited Support

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