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Penetration Testing

Do you have security concerns? Get ahead of threats by pen testing your network

What is penetration testing?

In the realm of cybersecurity, ensuring accuracy is paramount. Penetration testing involves engaging a trusted company to deliberately probe your business’s network, aiming to uncover vulnerabilities and identify security gaps. The advantages of this approach include…

  • Find and patch vulnerabilities before bad actors find them
  • Be assured that your businesses network is safe and secure
  • Assure customers and partners that your business and their data is safe 
  • Protect your business from vulnerabilities, GDPR breaches and more

Scheduled Tests

We tailor the testing schedule to accommodate your timelines, ensuring that the assessments align with the evolving landscape of your network, thereby facilitating ongoing improvements.

Affordable Tests

Rest assured, conducting tests on your business won't strain your budget. Our comprehensive and rigorous tests are not only affordable but also ensure thorough examination of your systems.


Binary can promptly address all security vulnerabilities identified during penetration tests, with our experts adeptly managing vulnerabilities and security incidents as they arise in your network.

Intensive Support

Our dedicated team is committed to offering continuous support for you and your business, regardless of the outcomes of your penetration tests. We're here to address any issues you encounter and provide your team with comprehensive guidance and assistance.

What does your test include?

Each of our tests is customised to fit the unique needs and specifications of your business. We ensure that you receive precisely what is necessary for your ongoing projects. Our main focus lies in conducting thorough external penetration tests on your company’s external IPs. This approach helps identify vulnerabilities that malicious actors could exploit when targeting your business from the outside.

Security Testing

Find out why penetration testing is important for your business and what it can do to help improve your security.

Detect your security weaknesses

Pick up on possible security threats and vulnerabilities before malicious actors can.

Automate security scans

Leave all the hard work to us and we'll provide autonomous scans for when you need them.

Important remediation advice

Our experts are always on hand to provide comprehensive remediation advice on vulerabilities.


Our methods of testing are globally recognised, meet ISO, PCI, DSS, GDPR and SOC2 compliance.

Enhanced Relationships

Assure your partners and customers that their data is safe and protected from exploitation.

Fast Testing

In the event you require an expedited penetration test you can be assured we're here to deliver quick and reliable results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Vulnerability scanning, also known as VA scanning, involves automated systems scanning your applications and infrastructure to identify publicly disclosed security vulnerabilities, typically found in databases like CVE. If a vulnerability scan detects missing patches or remediations for these vulnerabilities in your systems, it highlights them in the report. This method offers a swift and convenient means to stay proactive against hackers by promptly addressing security flaws.

Best practices typically advise conducting VA scans on a monthly basis or when new application and infrastructure components are introduced or undergo significant changes. However, this frequency may not suit all businesses universally. Some organisations may necessitate more frequent vulnerability scanning. The precise frequency should align with your business’s security strategy and tolerance for cyber risks. Given the efficiency and ease of use of the Vulnerability Scanning tool, you might opt for increased scanning frequencies, such as weekly or even daily.

Conducting vulnerability scanning provides a swift and straightforward method to comprehensively assess available software updates. Given that hackers often exploit missing patches, maintaining up-to-date apps and infrastructure is crucial in preventing data breaches proactively.

Within our security packages and services, we provide both vulnerability scanning and penetration testing. Contrary to common belief, these are distinct services serving different purposes.

Vulnerability scanning involves regular and active scans of your network to compare vulnerabilities present against a database, identifying potential attack vectors that could be exploited to target your business.

On the other hand, penetration testing is a less frequent, scheduled attack conducted through ethical hacking. It adopts a more aggressive approach to uncover vulnerabilities and attack vectors, requiring security specialists to simulate hacking attempts on your network to reveal potential issues.

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