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Don't get caught short when it comes to data recovery, insure your business with one of our comprehensive backup solutions.

Backups and disaster recovery services

Backups are indispensable for every business, regardless of its size. Data stands as one of a company’s most valuable assets, with certain aspects being irreplaceable and potential loss posing compliance risks, particularly concerning customer data. It’s imperative to invest in reliable solutions for continuity and backups to safeguard your business interests.

At Binary, we offer proven solutions tailored to meet every need. Whether you’re a large enterprise or a small business, we provide industry-leading options to ensure your requirements are met effectively. With our efficient and encrypted incremental backup solutions, you can swiftly resume operations even in the face of major disasters.

Regular backups

Our incremental backups are conducted regularly throughout the workday, occurring as frequently as every 30 minutes or every few hours. You have the flexibility to customise your backup solution according to your preferences and operational needs, ensuring it aligns perfectly with what works best for you.


Every one of our backup solutions is entirely budget-friendly for your business. Depending on the level of reliability and intensity you require, we offer customisable packages that cater to your financial constraints and technical needs.

100% Reliability

Rest assured, our backup solution is utterly dependable for all scenarios. Supported by a team of experts, we meticulously monitor your backups round-the-clock for any potential issues. Should any arise, we promptly address them with full transparency, ensuring swift resolution and minimal disruption to your operations.

Speedy Restores

In the event of needing to restore data from any of your backups, rest assured that our restoration process is swift and efficient. Whether you require retrieval of a single file or an entire site, you can trust that your data will be readily accessible without delay.

Cloud and offsite backup storage

With our comprehensive services, we provide full offsite backup solutions, adding an extra layer of redundancy and security to your data. In the event of a worst-case scenario such as a building fire or complete hardware failure, you can rely on us to retrieve our cloud copies swiftly, ensuring prompt restoration of your business operations.

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We ensure that all our backup solutions are cost-effective and customised to fit your budget. Regardless of the level of comprehensiveness you need, rest assured that you’ll always receive the utmost value for your money.


We consistently refine our processes to keep pace with modern trends, ensuring our customers remain at the forefront of innovation. This guarantees you’re always equipped with the latest and most contemporary solutions.


Ensuring compliance is paramount in backup solutions. Rest assured, our offerings adhere to numerous global compliance standards, and we can customize them to align with your specific requirements.


Security is paramount when it comes to safeguarding your data. Our backups prioritise robust encryption, even during offsite transportation. This ensures that in the event of theft or interception, the backups remain entirely inaccessible.

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