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The Begining

Binary Managed Solutions started with a modest yet promising portfolio of businesses of similar scale. Leveraging a team of skilled engineers, they solidified their position as formidable competitors alongside larger industry partners.

Mission and Growth

Having significantly bolstered our standing in the industry, we have earned a reputation as one of the most dependable partners nationwide. Our expansion has been fueled by referrals from satisfied partners to relevant companies across various industries.

2024 Targets

In the current year, our primary focus remains on upholding our industry standing through steadfast support for our existing partners. With recent expansions into the telecommunications sector, our aim is to emerge as a leading provider of comprehensive tech solutions to both small and large partners nationwide.

Our Values

Recognising the chaotic nature of business, we step in to restore equilibrium. Our focus lies in bringing much-needed balance to the table, achieved through authentic partnerships with our clients. Collaborating with us means engaging with a team deeply attuned to your challenges and aspirations. Together, we navigate through the biggest challenges to help your business succeed.


Our culture is deeply embedded in our relationships with all of our partners


You can see our passion for the industry across all of the projects we work on from small tickets to large changes we care about what we do. We're here to ensure a constant stream of reliability and continuity amongst your services.

Expert Team

Rest assured, every member of our team is a seasoned expert in their respective field, equipped to assist with any situation your company may encounter. We stand ready and committed to supporting you at all times.


At Binary, we nurture a robust and dynamic culture among our internal employees. This culture serves as the cornerstone of our collaborative approach to tackling challenges together, enabling us to effectively address even the most challenging obstacles.


We are dedicated to crafting cutting-edge environments by implementing the latest and most advanced solutions available worldwide. Our commitment ensures that all systems we work on are up-to-date and modern, setting the standard for excellence.

Experienced and Friendly Team

Thanks to our culture and unwavering passion for our work, we proudly possess one of the most seasoned and knowledgeable teams in the industry. It is this exceptional team that stands ready to support you and guide your business through even the most formidable challenges.

Professional Relationships

Our culture emphasises not only fostering strong relationships among team members but also with all partners. While professionalism is paramount in our business approach, we firmly believe that nurturing personal connections with our partners is crucial for delivering the best possible service.

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