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 Ensuring your business is using modern infrastructure is of absolute importance. In with project we cover how we took a local business from using on premise exchange into the cloud on the Office 365 platform.

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It’s absolutely essential for businesses to stay on top of developments and technologies. In this case we had a customer who was using Exchange 2010, this version of exchange had an extended end of life date for 2020 and so it was apparent that the upgrade was much overdue.

We outlined a roadmap and a budget for the upgrade which the customer was able to fit into their IT spend for the year.

There were a multitude of benefits for the upgrade which were primarily reliability with the services being in the cloud and compliance as there is no longer an out of date OS on the network.

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With this project from planning to delivery we spent around 2 weeks, this might seem like a while but with something like this planning is the key, email services are essential for businesses and any downtime could result in massive financial loss and issues with customers.

We started moving mailboxes over before the configuration was changed and the reason for this is because it means when the time comes to change configuration the data is already there for us and there’s no waiting around, taking this step reduces any downtime for the customer.

In this instance we actually had no operational downtime for the customer which was a big success and meant that nothing was missed out on.

Overall the results of our project meant that the customer was on a brand new up-to date system for compliance, performance and along with that no disruption. This improved performance and reliability gives the customer a great piece of mind.

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